self portrait  colored pencil  2007

self portrait

colored pencil


About Charissa Vaunderbroad

Charissa Vaunderbroad is an independent tattoo artist in Spokane Washington making custom and production tattoos from 1992 to present day

Native to Spokane she was first taught by her Parents: Jack "Raoul" Doughty and Constance Marie Eller, tattoo artists who owned shops in Marysville & Spokane and traveled the world (together and apart) from 1978-2009 She has worked with local studios and traveled conventions doing both production style and custom tattooing in a spectrum of client driven styles.

Like many others, she sees the art of tattoo as an instinctual magical expression of our cultural roles and aesthetic.

She's now at SHAPESHIFTER TATTOO - an off-street private studio in the heart of downtown Spokane. After spending much of her career in street shops & all-custom gallery style shops, she set up SHAPESHIFTER as an APPOINTMENT ONLY secure private studio in an attempt to cultivate peacefulness and concentration for each client: building the work in an environment that supports the collector's vision with room to breathe and grow in her art skills.

Mostly a homebody, but interested in guest artists spots and collaboration projects.

Charissa is self-represented and takes clients on an appointment only basis. Existing clients just text (509)475-6013. New clients fill out the form below to inquire about her availability: